Selection/Hiring: Prevue Assessment

Employers in every industry share the same challenge: finding the right employees. Each position in an organization requires unique abilities, traits and skill sets.

Our Prevue Assessment identifies and quantifies these important traits for each candidate, revealing the learning abilities, interests and work related personality traits that directly impact success on the job.

Well-researched surveys reveal that the cost of turnover is 35% or more of the annual salary for most positions. Recruiting and retaining top performers helps reduce the high cost of turnover while at the same time improving productivity. Identifying, retaining and motivating high performing employees has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

The Prevue Assessment (also known as the ICES Plus Assessment) is a personality testing battery designed to assess 20 “scales” describing an individual’s characteristics: four mental abilities scales, three interest scales, twelve personality scales and a social desirability scale.

The Benchmark Suitability Score quantifies Aaron Sample’s overall fit to the benchmark for the Customer Service Sample position.
Note: Aaron Sample’s Prevue Assessments results, including the Benchmark Suitability Score should comprise no more than one-third of the selection decision process.


All of our Prevue Reports are delivered via the web through the Prevue Online platform. Users simply enter the name and email address of the candidates they would like to assess and the platform does the rest.

Candidates are automatically invited to complete the Prevue Assessment Questionnaire online. Once the Prevue Assessment is completed, Prevue Online analyzes the candidate’s responses and delivers informative and reliable reports back to management.