How long have you had this product? (Prevue Assessment)   Hiring Solutions has been in business since October 1992. The Prevue Assessment was launched in 1994. We became one of the first dealers.

How long does it take the candidate to complete the assessment  Between 45 and 60 minutes; we recommend setting aside an hour of uninterrupted time to complete the Prevue. The first portions are timed and once started cannot be paused.

When and how would we receive the results?   The short answer is immediately upon completion. The designated administrator will receive an email prompt that the candidate has completed the assessment and can then score the assessment which takes about 2 minutes. When we act as the administrator, there may be a short lag time. If you prepay and act as your own administrator, you control when they are scored. All results are sent in .pdf format via email.

How is the assessment administered?  Through an online link, utilizing a specific username and password that is sent by email to the applicant, or they can log in directly from a computer located at your facilities. You control how this is done.

Can the assessment be taken online as well as paper and pencil?  Online only, for the reasons mentioned above.

How and when is payment for your services accepted?  We invoice via email as credits are used or ordered and transferred into your account. Payment by check, net 5 days, is our standard billing.

Is there a minimum number of tests an employer must contract to purchase?  No

Do you have a standard assessment for each position? Specifically, we are looking for a sales/customer service associate position.  The assessment is always the same. What changes is the Benchmark that applicant scores are tallied against; this allows you to see how that applicant compares or fits, in relationship to your best people that were used to create the given Benchmark. Your concern is how they stack up against your people, culture, environment, not some vague guideline of what a Customer Service Associate should look like for all phone companies across the country. Will there be some consistent characteristics? Without a doubt, but the successes lie in the minor differences and details that allow your people to shine in your organization. This is why every company has their own Benchmarks.

Does the Prevue have a technical manual?  Yes. Click here for the download.

What type of return on investment reports can you provide regarding this product?  This is a great question and difficult to give a simple answer to. Research has shown using the Prevue as part of your hiring process will result in a 30 to 50 percent reduction in turnover when used consistently and appropriately; so the question comes back to you, what is your cost of turnover? The more important or real questions are how much does a company benefit by having one, two or several more employees like their top performers? If the performance bar is raised across an entire department how much does this put to the bottom line? These are all realities when you hire quality people that fit into your organization, then coach, train and develop them for the long term. This commitment starts with the hiring process.

Can you provide me with references, clients, including their contact information, who are currently using the Prevue Assessment?  Certainly, but I will have to wait for their approval, and then forward their information on to you.

If we choose to utilize your services, what do you need from us and how quickly can we get started?  Discussion as to your companies wants, needs and priorities. Then we can provide some guidelines based on your feedback and timeframes. We can get you started as soon as you are ready to go.