Selection/Hiring: Prevue Scores Comparison Pivot Chart

Wouldn't it be nice to know these things about your fellow employees and team?

General Abilities Scale

What is their pace of communication?

What is their preferred method of learning?

Interests/Motivation Scale

Where will they gravitate towards at work?

Where will they prefer to spend their time?

Diplomatic - Independent Scale

Do they prefer to win or do they prefer to help others win?


Spontaneous - Conscientious Scale

Are they structured or creative in their approach to work or a mix of both?

Do they respond quickly to changes in priorities and tasks?


Introvert - Extrovert Scale

Do they draw energy from people around them?

Do they share energy with others?

Emotional - Stable Scale

Are they naturally sympatheric, empathetic and supportive?

Do they work well in a stressful environment? Can they cope?

Frank - Social Desirability Scale

Are they being frank and honest?

Are they telling you what they think you want to hear?