Selection / Hiring: CBI Followup Interview Questions

For each question asked in the CBI (except for the Good Impression questions), follow-up behavioral interview questions are provided. If the CBI reveals scores in the Concern or Serious Concern areas, asking appropriate follow-up questions are critical to the success of the selection process.

Hiring managers who regularly use the CBI’s follow-up interview questions, often discover valid reasons why an applicant scored high on one or more of the scales. This is usually based on the applicant’s interpretation of the statement in the CBI and can lead to great conversations that bring a better understanding from both sides of the equation. This allows you, your organization and the applicant, the opportunity to make a more informed decision concerning the position and the applicants fit in the existing culture.

The appropriate interview questions are produced, with the original sentence, number and response automatically based on the applicant’s answers. Many of our clients choose to print the report and highlight the suggested interview questions to be used in the interview itself or in the follow up interview. There is room under the questions to record the responses from the candidate.

One of the most important parts of using this questionnaire is bringing up your company policies before the hire is made. These questions can be approached and asked before you hire.