Prevue Succession Planning and Employee Promotions

The current state of the labor market has created intense competition for employees. The increasing labour shortage requires companies to increasingly count on existing employees to fill future vacancies within their organizations. A proactive succession planning program is a virtual necessity for a company to remain competitive, given today’s changing workforce demographics.

Succession planning is not only identifying the future leaders of a company but also planning for potential vacancies throughout the organization. Our Succession Planning and Promotion Solutions accomplish both of these functions, providing you with the answers you need to plan for the future.

Prevue Online system can quickly and easily create tailored job benchmarks for the various positions throughout an organization. Once in place a candidate can be compared to multiple benchmarks for career and succession planning. As well, multiple candidates can be compared to one benchmark to identify the best candidate for succession planning or to fill a current vacancy.

Prevue Succession Planning and
Employee Promotions

Some examples of the questions that we can help you answer are set out below:

  • Should I promote one of my sales reps to sales manager?
  • Who in the plant should be the next plant supervisor?
  • Which one of my customer service reps is the next outside sales rep?
  • Which of my staff are best suited for senior management positions?
  • Which employees should be leading my company’s various departments in 10 years?