What Are Psychometric Assessments?

What are Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric assessments can be divided into two broad types or categories. The first type is concerned with measuring maximum performance, or how well you can do something. These are usually referred to as abilities tests that measure what you know or what your potential might be when you are trying to do as well as you can. The second type of assessments measure prospective performance and are concerned with finding out what you are like in normal, day to day situations. For instance, are you outgoing and sociable, or do you prefer your own company? Personality questionnaires are an example of this second type of assessment. They are particularly useful in situations where job performance is dependent on how you present yourself and respond to other people.

Psychometric assessments provide a way of comparing any individual’s scores with the scores of a specific group such as the general working population. They can also be used to match or compare an individual’s scores to the preferred scores for a particular position.

Because psychometric assessments have these properties, they allow employers to make objective, statistically based judgments about a person’s capacities or potential for acting or behaving in a way that will assure success in specific jobs.

The Prevue Assessments include both measures of maximum performance as well as measures of personal attributes. They are psychometric assessments that are designed to measure job fit in terms of matching an individual to the abilities, interests/motivation and personality traits that have been proven to be most effective in any given position. Job applicants are usually asked to complete one or more of the Prevue Assessments during some stage in the hiring process between submission of a job application and immediately prior to the final interview. Prevue Assessments are also used in the coaching and talent development stages of the employment life cycle to help employees realize their potential both in a specific job and within a specific organization.