Strategic Leadership Type indicator (SLTi)

Strategic Leadership Type indicator (SLTi)

In today’s challenging business climate of everyone doing more with less, it is easy for employees to become demoralized and traditional management tactics may not produce the results you desire.

SLTI is a complete development system for supervisors and leaders. This high quality assessment and training program is based on the four-quadrant leadership model first developed at the Ohio State University’s John Glenn Leadership Institute and made famous with the break through program Situational Leader developed by Hersey and Blanchard.

The SLTI assessment process is a complete development cycle for supervisors and leaders. Based on proven leadership models, it’s intuitive, relevant and quick!

The Strategic Leadership Type Indicator covers 16 scenarios that help determine the degree to which you use coaching, teaching, relating or delegating styles correctly according to the capability and motivation of your subordinates.


  • A complete leadership system that provides a structured framework for leadership development to improve leader’s competence across the entire organization.
  • This basic and intuitive program creates immediate relevancy for both newly promoted and experienced leaders alike
  • Self-scoring is quick and easy
  • 360 feedback provides outside perceptions about the appropriateness of the leader’s use of strategies
  • Teaches leaders strategies to develop their direct reports and move them towards higher autonomy, competence and higher productivity

We will be happy to come in and do 1/2 day, full day, or 2-3 day workshops.

Facilitators Manual contains up to six hours of ready-to-deliver training, including a PowerPoint® presentation and a Participants Workbook.

Sample SLTi Report:

SLTi Report

SLTI will help leaders:

  • Discover their preferred leadership strategies for a variety of contexts;
  • Learn how to adjust their approach to reflect employee capability;
  • Move toward higher autonomy and competence;
  • Improve productivity.

SLTI teaches a daily use management strategy on how to better work with direct reports based on their individual circumstances. Supervisors first assess their employee’s motivation and capability for high performance and then they use the optimal supervisory style according to the “SLTI quadrant model” to manage the individual most effectively.

The 4 styles are coaching, relating, delegating, and instructing. SLTI is the four quadrant leadership model actually used at Ohio State University’s John Glenn Leadership Institute – the birthplace of the quadrant leadership model.