Employee Support

When we make the transition from an hourly to a salaried position is one of the times in our career when we are afraid to ask for help or direction or there is no one to ask.

We feel we should just “know” through osmosis what to do and how to get there. This is an uncomfortable place to be. We have risen through the ranks based on our technical skills, willingness to learn and our individual ambition and then the rules change.

We have to trade those hard or technical skills in for a new set of soft or people skills that allow us to:

  • Lead
  • Plan
  • Organize
  • Communicate
  • Work to keep the team together
  • Support every member of our team
  • Change our focus from tasks to the big picture

The only problem is there is no handy tool room or manual telling us how to swap these skills out. Also, there are a very limited number of other managers with the time or inclination to help us with the conversion. This is normally a do it yourself transition with critiques that take place along the way but a road map is difficult to find.

Employee Support

“To get started you have to take an honest inventory of yourself, identifying the areas you would like to improve.”

Don’t give up hope. The same willingness to learn, drive and personality that got you promoted are the same skill sets you need to continue to grow and develop as a manager.

It is more of a personal responsibility and self study program than what most of us experience in other roles in our organizations. Where we have been given direction by someone else, we are now the ones responsible for identifying where we need to improve and take the initiative.

The tools are a little different and one size definitely does not fit all. To get started you have to take an honest inventory of yourself, identifying the areas you would like to improve. Then you can choose the appropriate tool and ask for feedback from your peers, coworkers, direct reports, customers and anyone else that you respect and trust that can provide a different perspective on your performance.

Armed with this information you can take the steps indicated to improve and develop as a manager. Here are a few of the tools we provide to help you map out your path on this exciting portion of your career!