Prevue Background and Research Team

Prevue Background and Research Team


The Prevue Assessment System, published by PrevueHR Inc., provides businesses and human resource professionals with a suite of reports that assist in human resource decision-making. The Prevue Questionnaire is based on the ICES Plus Assessment Test, an accurate, valid and reliable psychometric assessment that measures work-related characteristics of people through their responses to a set of questions. It was developed exclusively for View Assessments International Inc. by world-renowned psychometric experts.

Research Team

The ICES Plus Assessment was designed and developed with the assistance and under the direction of Dr. David Bartram and his team of psychologists at Newland Park & Associates Limited in Hull, England during the early 1990’s. Dr. Bartram and his team are world leaders in the design and use of psychometric assessment tests.

The research and studies undertaken by Newland Park & Associates Limited in the development of the ICES Plus Assessment and the Approach to Work Test assure that products derived from the use of these tests are legal, valid and reliable. There are few normative test batteries that have been developed in the last 20 years that can match the quality of the test batteries that have been developed for the Publisher by the Newland Park team. Dr. Patricia Lindley has succeeded Dr. Bartram as the managing director of Newland Park & Associates Limited. She directs the current team, comprised of Dr. Lindley, Dr. Iain Coyne and Penny Smith-Lee Chong.