Prevue Behavioral Interview Process

Prevue Behavioral Interview Process

Planning the Interview

Planning the interview requires identifying concerns about the candidate’s work history, references and scores off the Prevue Benchmark for the Customer Service Sample position. Use the available candidate information plus this report to structure the interview and make the best hiring decision.
This section provides suggested interview questions to address the following:
First to examine those areas where Aaron Sample’s score did not fall on the benchmark for the position.
You should customize the interview questions as needed for this position at Hiring Solutions. You may wish to take a copy of Part 4 to have it available for the interview.

Scores off the Benchmark

Aaron Sample’s scores fell off the Benchmark for the following scales. This indicates that the candidate could encounter challenges in these areas. Review each score description and consider the suggested interview questions.
The more distant the score is from the benchmark for a scale the more important it is for you to probe these areas.

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