Hiring / Selection

Hiring / Selection

When we hire someone, we are making a decision that will impact every other person in our department, branch and organization. It is also a potential employee's introduction to us, our department and organization. What is their experience and opinion concerning this crucial first step?

1.1. NAHS / Structured Approach

A consistent, structured approach to all aspects of the selection process insures a better result with little chance of legal exposure.

1.2. Benchmark Creation

A valid, consistent baseline that will support all interviews more effectively for a more informed decision

1.3. Question Creation

We don’t want to hear fantasy stories or what the applicant wants us to hear; Structure your interview questions to identify past behaviors which are a much better indicator of future behavior

1.4. Role Play Interview

This is a seldom used skill set for many hiring managers and requires practice to improve. We will structure role plays to accommodate the position and department for future practice, comfort and proficiency