Foundation Training and Training Modules

Foundation Training & Training Modules

Foundation Training

Who we are influences how we interact with others
Who they are influences how they receive our interaction and then, interact with us
The Foundation training can be a standalone,
full day or one-half day workshop, but portions of this section are essential for other workshops to build upon.
Various perspectives from this portion are needed to support aspects of interaction with understanding and development of others.

Foundation 1. Personality

Using one of three assessments to suit the situation and participant group, we identify what individual filters are in place for each participant and how these filters support themselves and others.

Foundation 2. Maslow

A conversation concerning Maslow’s needs, as drivers in the workplace.

Foundation 3. Trust

Without trust, there are always different agendas that can undermine every interaction.

Foundation 4. Relationships

How we communicate with others, based on personalities and many other factors, creates and defines our relationships, good or bad. We will explore what these traits look like and how to tweak or modify our approach to  others and actively support our relationships.

Training Modules

All modules should be combined with the foundation training and
can be combined with other modules, at one time or in the
future, to support your specific needs.


We all learn differently. This is one of the reasons developing people is so difficult. “Why don’t they pick it up the way I did?” The fact is, by analyzing the situation using our tools, there are four consistent repeatable approaches, that will help avoid many development missteps with people we are developing. Read more….

360 Feedback / Workshop

Our success is not based on our personal perspectives alone. It is influenced by all aspects of our relationships with others and their perceptions of how well we are performing and supporting the group. Read more…

Communication / Conflict / Correction

When interacting with others, each of us brings our own opinions, perspectives and solutions to every interaction. Read more…

Team Building

We may have several teams that we support. What is our role and responsibility in each? Are we a quality team member in each of our roles in each of these teams? Read more…

Hiring / Selection

When we hire someone, we are making a decision that will impact every other person in our department, branch and organization. It is also a potential employee’s introduction to us, our department and organization. Read more….

Customers / Relationship / Sales

Exceptional customer service experiences and positive sales outcomes are the result of quality relationships. Read more…