CBI Followup Interview Questions

CBI Followup Interview Questions

Part Three of the CBI Report contains the follow-up questions.

For each question asked in the CBI (except for the Good Impression questions), follow-up behavioral interview questions are provided. If the CBI reveals scores in the Concern or Serious Concern areas, asking appropriate follow-up questions are critical to the success of the selection process.

Hiring managers who regularly use the CBI’s follow-up interview questions, often discover valid reasons why an applicant scored high on one or more of the scales. This is usually based on the applicant’s interpretation of the statement in the CBI and can lead to great conversations that bring a better understanding from both sides of the equation. This allows you, your organization and the applicant, the opportunity to make a more informed decision concerning the position and the applicants fit in the existing culture.

The appropriate interview questions are produced, with the original sentence, number and response automatically based on the applicant’s answers. Many of our clients choose to print the report and highlight the suggested interview questions to be used in the interview itself or in the follow up interview. There is room under the questions to record the responses from the candidate.

[vc_table allow_html=”1″][c#000000;borders_all]Question%3A%20115,[c#000000;borders_all]Answer%3A%20True,[i;c#000000;borders_all]I%20curse%20at%20my%20co-workers%20sometimes.|[c#000000;bg#ffffff;borders_all]Tell%20me%20about%20a%20time%20you%20cursed%20at%20your%20co-worker.%20What%20happened%20as%20a%20result%3F,[c#000000;bg#ffffff;borders_all],[c#000000;bg#ffffff;borders_all]|[c#000000;borders_all]Question%3A%20130,[c#000000;borders_all]Answer%3A%20True,[i;c#000000;borders_all]People%20are%20too%20sensitive%20about%20racial%20jokes.|[c#000000;borders_all]How%20often%20do%20you%20tell%20racial%20jokes%20at%20work%3F%20Do%20you%20think%20that%20some%20people%20mind%20them%3F%20Does%20that%20tend%20to%20stop%20you%20from%20telling%20them%20those%20jokes%3F,[borders_all],[borders_all][/vc_table]

Question 130 is a real flag. “People are too sensitive about racial jokes.” The applicant answered true. This is a great opportunity to bring up your company policies about this. Instead of reacting to this if the person did it in your workplace, you can be proactive and let people know what your policies are.

How to read the interview questions.

Applicant answered question 115 true. The CBI sentence was, “I curse at my co-workers sometimes.” Most people would answer false because most people don’t curse at their co-workers. Because they answered in this way, you can now ask clarifying questions about this topic.

This might seem uncomfortable to ask an applicant a question like this. It is much better to feel discomfort now in this interview than a year down the road when you might be having problems with this person or even have to let them go.

We also recommend practicing the delivery of your chosen clarifying questions with another manager. Practice makes perfect and creates a comfort in addressing these potential areas of concern in a neutral, non-leading manner