360 Feedback / Workshop

360 Development / Workshop

Our success and reputation is not based on our personal perspectives alone. It is influenced by all aspects of our relationships with others and their perceptions of how well we are performing and supporting the group. We all have blind spots that can stifle our growth and decrease the value that we bring to the workplace.
A quality 360 experience fills in the blind spots while confirming the strengths and struggles that we all have.
Without honest feedback and support, it is difficult to grow and develop in our roles and expand our responsibilities.

1.1 How we see ourselves

  • What is important to us and how are we currently performing in those areas?

1.2 How others see us

  • What actions that we perform are important to others and how do we measure up based on their standards?

1.3 Our agreements and gaps

Where the perspectives competency rankings, tasks, and performance ratings from the groups overlap, when they agree, this provides confirmation and direction; where they don’t overlap between the groups, these gaps can provide insight, awareness, and direction.

1.4 Comprehensive analysis with development steps

The participant receives specific, detailed suggestions and tips to support the strengths and struggles that have been identified, as they move forward.