What We Do

In 1992, Hiring Solutions began as an assessment provider for personality, integrity and coaching instruments.

As independent providers of multiple assessments we don’t live with the “one size fits all” restrictions that some organizations have to contend with.

Do many of our tools serve multiple purposes and functions? Absolutely!

But when there is a better assessment for a specific purpose or result, we will always choose the best tool for the job.

We have also developed multiple workshops, using our assessments, that are customized to each clients specific needs based on our 25 years of real world experience.


Below are some quick links to our assessments and services.




Why Use Assessments?

While there are any number of reasons to use assessments, there are just as many naysayers who rely on gut feel or intuition to make their hiring, coaching, development and training decisions.

To those gifted individuals who never make a mistake, that always get it right, we wish you all the best! And we are extremely jealous!

We need as much information as we can gather, quickly and efficiently, to help us make a more informed decision concerning these incredibly important decisions.

And while we still don’t get it right every time, the percentage of success climb as we utilize the various tools at our disposal.

For those of you that fall into our category, we are here to help.