In 1992, Hiring Solutions began as an assessment provider for personality, integrity and coaching instruments. Since that time, we have grown into a successful service company providing customized support to our clients using unique coaching and training programs created for each individual need.

Psychometric assessment products exist in great variety and quantity. Many businesses have employed assessments to support their recruitment, retention, development, and succession planning strategies. However, few are aware of the U.S. Department of Labor’s position regarding the use of tests and assessments in areas of employment. Read more…

The question we ask our clients is, “Do you CARE enough to win the RACE?

R – Result(s) Desired
• If you don’t know the result you’re looking for, you’ll never get there.
A – Accountability or Actions
• What actions need to be taken, who will be accountable?
C – Commitment
• Contract or statement that says what the party is going to do.
E – Expectation
• Do both parties have the SAME expectation?
• Needs to be discussed and clarified